Around 1914-1915, young Rosanjin who identified himself as Taikan Fukuda was discovered by Mr. Toyokichi Koji, a stationer in Nagahama. He stayed in Nagahama and other cities of the northern part of Lake Biwa.
Rosanjin, a talented artist, had a connection with our 12th generation owner Hachiro and left us the carvings "Shichi Hon Yari (The Seven Spearsmen)" and "Sake ha nao Hei no gotoshi (Always keep Sake with you in the same way as weapons)".
The meeting with Mr. Koji in the Omi area (now called Shiga) motivated Rosanjin, to develop his artistic abilities in Nagahama, Kyoto, Fukui, Kanazawa and Yamashiro.
The carvings that have energetic and hungry spirits always motivate and inspire us. It is an honor to brew Sake with Rosanjin's work.
We print the characters/letters of Rosanjin's carvings on some of our labels.

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