Spirit of Shichihonyari

Sake is the alcoholic drink made from water and rice, the cornerstone of Japanese food culture. There are about 1000 sake breweries located all over Japan, and their brands are often associated with specific geographical regions, local histories or folk tales. Sake, the national alcoholic drink of Japan, fascinates us and we want to keep its traditions alive. Brewing is often deeply rooted in local traditions and local sake has been cultivated over generations. From Shiga Kohoku (the northern tip of Lake Biwa), we would like to share our local sake traditions, the spirit of Shichihonyari, with the wider world. We will continue things that are worth continuing. We will challenge anything that needs challenging. We will remain faithful to our legacy, yet eager to make bold changes to preserve our spirits for future generations. Fifteenth generation brewery owner, Yasunobu Tomita.

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers1

Since 2001, our brewery has been working together with local organic rice farmers who are passionate about cultivating rice that is ideal for good sake. Rice suitable for sake is different from table rice and has been bred over many generations.

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers2: Nagahama Agricultural High School

Our brewery now has partnerships with five local sake rice farmers, including Nagahama Agricultural High School. Yes, we are using the sake rice cultivated by the high school farmers! With their rice, we brew Junmai sake brand called "Naga-Nou-Kou Sodachi" ("Grew up in Nagahama Agriculture High").

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers3:The types of sake rice

The types of sake rice we use include, Tamasakae, Ginfubuki, Wataribune, Yamadanishiki, and some other local brands from Shiga Prefecture.

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers4: Mr. Daisuke Shimizu from Hyakusho-ya

Genuine local sake using only local water and rice.

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers5: Mr. Shigeru Tatemi from Mitate Farm

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers6: Mr. Masaru Morikawa from Morikawa Farm

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers7

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers8

Paddy field with migratory bird.

Collaboration with local sake rice farmers9

This is the spirit of Shichihonyari.

Pesticide-free organic sake rice1

Since 2010, we have been a pioneer in using 100% pesticide-free organic rice for sake brewing. Our long-held hope to use pure organic sake rice for our brewing has become possible through our encounter with Mr. Takakazu Yagura, the fifth generation owner of Yagura rice farm.

Pesticide-free organic sake rice2

Pure organic rice adds to the mildness and softness to our sake. We are hoping to further explore its potential.

Pesticide-free organic sake rice3

Small fishes and freshwater crabs have now returned to the pesticide-free clean rice paddies. We will continue to supply clean water from our rice paddies to Lake Biwa, which serves as the water tank for our local community's everyday life.

Sake cups1

We create our own sake cups to make the drinking experience even more enjoyable. They are made from the clay in our rice paddies and from our recycled glass sake bottles. Each cup represents the spirit of our brewery, a special message to the people who enjoy our sake.

Sake cups2

In our sake cups, we hope to signify the spirit of Japanese sake and cast light on recyclable objects. Collaborating with like-minded artists, we create nice sake cups with the sense of fun and joy in our hearts.

Shichihonyari going abroad1

Since 2005, our brewery has been supplying our flagship sake, Shichihonyari, to overseas customers. Our dream is to make Japanese sake a beverage for the world. We supply our products to overseas, hoping that people across the globe enjoy sake and experience Japanese culture. We may be a small sake brewery from the northern tip of Lake Biwa, but our dream is world-wide.

Shichihonyari going abroad2

Japanese sake is cool and amazing We hope to make sake, our national alcoholic drink, a world alcoholic beverage.

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